BridalGownSamYour wedding gown may be the most important garment you ever purchase.

 Sun Ray Cleaners specializes in Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation

Bring your wedding dress to Sun Ray for cleaning.  Our gown specialists will examine your wedding dress and select the most appropriate cleaning method. Your gown will be cleaned with the utmost care, paying special attention to delicate details.

The Preservation Process

After careful inspection and cleaning, we then seal your dress in a pH controlled, acid-free, humidity controlled box.

Our MuseumStyle box not only protects your gown, but allows for display and viewing.

After sealing the gown, we then carefully place the sealed box into a durable outer storage box for additional safety. Our Written Guarantee guarantees no damage due to oxidation, insect infestation, mold and mildew as long as the seal is not broken. Your veil, train, bouquet and ring-bearer pillow are INCLUDED in our preservation price.

Preservation of Heirlooms

Sun Ray Cleaners is a Prestige Preservation licensee and we have many years of experience in Wedding Gown, Military Uniform and Memorabilia preservation.

All preservation is done locally, on-site and comes with a lifetime guarantee against insect damage, oxidation and discoloration.

Preserve your memories for a lifetime. We clean and preserve heirloom items such as: military uniforms, Little League uniforms, cheerleader uniforms, Christening gowns.